IPDC established itself to eradicate the post war dire that hit the country with milestone projects to uplift the economy. IPDC has been a partner in several milestone projects that were the first of its kind in Bangladesh namely First Leasing Company, First Theme Park, First Preference Share Investment, First Independent Power Producer, First Housing Finance Company, First International Standard Private Hospital, First Private Sector 5 Star Hotel, Second Housing Finance Company, First Private Sector TV Channel, First Institutional Investment in Private Sector Education and so. By 2015, BRAC (25%), Ayesha Abed Foundation (10%), and RSA Capital Limited (5%) acquire 40% shares from AKFED with AKFED retaining 11% of the shares and established the Five-year Strategic paper by realigning its focus on youth, women and undeserved areas.

By end of 2016, IPDC revamps and rebrands itself to IPDC Finance Limited from Industrial Promotion and Development Company of Bangladesh Limited. IPDC Finance hold a vision to become the most passionate financial brand in the country with special focus on youth, women and underserved areas with a mission to enable customers and communities to rise unbound, to live up to their fullest potential by extending innovative financial solutions in a friendly, timely, transparent and cost-effective manner. The five-year strategy plan includes enabling the desired home for 50,000 family, empowering 10,000 Women to build financial and non-financial assets, creating 2000 new entrepreneurs, going beyond megacities by enabling tier 2 and 3 cities to avail retail finance and bringing convenience goods at home for 100,000 families. The product and services offered by IPDC Finance from its ever-growing branches across the country, ranges from Retail, Corporate, MME, Women entrepreneurship, factoring and so on. Securitization of receivables, Preference share investment, Leasing, Venture capital investment and 360 degree digitally automated supply chain financing called Orjon is in course.

By mitigating perceived risk and thereby addressing key bottlenecks to SME lending, IPDC emerges as a game changer in SME financing. With better foresight, planning, and strategy, IPDC’s leaders are giving highest priority on SME financing due to their already proven multidimensional contribution to the socio-economic environment of this country.

To give a better access to funds, IPDC is currently offering Lease Finance, Long-term Finance, Short-term Finance, Working Capital Finance, Work Order Finance, Factoring etc. for small and medium enterprises. These products are specially designed for SMEs with competitive interest rate and flexible repayment options. Loan durations are varied from 1 year to 5 years with monthly equal installment or structured payment based on the cash flow of the business.  With a motto to serve a wider range of SME clients, IPDC intends to expand its arena beyond metro cities of Bangladesh. It has been increasing its branches and partner locations nationwide, as well as ensuring active presence online. As a financial partner, IPDC nurtures SMEs through developing viable solutions specifically to meet the goals of small and medium businesses.

Innovation and initiatives in IPDC do not limit to offering products and services only rather opening scopes and platform that further adheres to the welfare of the target market. Hence, it embeds the impacts in each of its activities that leads to flourishing SME’s. Such is Supply Chain Finance. It has built a strong network with the Bangladesh Supply Chain Management Society (BSCMS) to collaborate with corporate houses that embodies a list of suppliers.  Three party explore, and awareness sessions are undertaken to enlighten all with the scopes of Supply Chain Finance.IPDC created a very dynamic environment by acknowledging the leaders. Hence for the very first time in Bangladesh, IPDC initiated Bangladesh Supply Chain Excellence award (BSCEA) that accredits the extra-ordinary supply chain leaders across the industry. The platform gave the due credit to the worthy change makers as well as remains as case study for the coming generation who wants to excel in this field. 


For many years, IPDC has been working towards empowering women and resolve their financial challenges. To encourage women to comprehend their dreams to become an empowered woman, IPDC has bundles of products exclusively for women. A distinctive product exclusively for women entrepreneur named Joyee allows financing at 8% throughout the year. Besides, all kinds of competitions/workshops/roadshows that encourages the aspirant entrepreneurs at national as well international level are backed by IPDC.


To reach the untouched, IPDC is relentlessly working on network expanding, customer centric offerings, business transformation, product innovation, prompt and efficient service delivery, and so on. Evolving every day, IPDC holds the potentials to become the most passionate financial brand of the country.

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